Jimmy Fallon and Jason Schwartzman Perform as British Duo Tux

Posted on August 22, 2015

Actor Jason Schwartzman was a guest on The Tonight Show to talk about his upcoming movie, 7 Chinese Brothers. Jason and Jimmy donned ridiculous curly wigs and beards (okay, Jason's was real), and some truly frightening 70s outfits to perform as the British 70s duo, Tux.

In fact, they both looked quite a bit like English singer songwriter Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra. Tux sang about their love of going back to school and how excited they were to have new pairs of dungarees.

The reminisced about the school field trips they took -- to the zoo, the aquarium and the cemetery. They recalled the cemetery trip "where all the children took tracing paper and a crayon and rubbed it over a stranger's tombstone. Remember that?" asked Fallon. Schwartzman replied, "That was weird right? How was that a normal thing to ask 6-year-old boys to do?"

They also sang about school photo day with Questlove standing in as the photographer. They had fun choosing the background for their photos. This just cracked us up. We kept hearing a touch of Barry Gibb's accent -- we really hope Justin Timberlake returns soon so we can have another round of The Barry Gibb Talk Show. Take a look:

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