Justin Bieber Appears in Court, Released on $2,500 Bail

Posted on January 23, 2014

Justin Bieber appeared in a Miami-Dade circuit court today via a video link from the Richard Gerstein justice building for his arraignment for criminal charges of drag racing, DUI and resisting arrest.

Justin (seen in the split screen of the video) was wearing standard issue red jail fatigues and was forced to stand silently on camera while the judge and the two lawyers discussed his fate. The judge read the charges and called him "Mr. Bieber." Justin's attorney is top notch criminal lawyer Roy Black, who has represented Rush Limbaugh on possession of oxycontin charges and got William Kennedy Smith acquitted of rape charges. He has also represented Kelsey Grammar and Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame. Black also happens to be the husband of Real Housewives of Miami's Lea Black.

Justin's attorney told the judge that his law partner attempted to talk to his client at the jail, but was prevented from speaking to their client, which we find quite disturbing. The prosecutor was not on camera, but he sounds really young. No doubt he'll be bumped off the case by someone higher up in the D.A.'s office, if they don't reach a plea deal (which they probably will). Bail was set at a minimal amount of $2,500, which is standard for these kinds of cases. Justin looks, by turns, scared and furious, as he is forced to stand their while other people decide what's going to happen next. Take a look:

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