Kendra Wilkinson Gets Angry at Greg Louganis on Splash

Posted on March 22, 2013

Splash - an ABC reality show that forces celebrities to take high dives - is a big hit with 8.8 million viewers during its premiere. One of the contestants is Kendra Wilkinson.

Kendra, who donned a black and purple swimsuit for the promo photo, is the first to admit she has no idea why she is famous. Kendra has a fear of heights. She thought she was ready for a high dive but when she got to the top and was ready to dive for the first time she froze.

Coach and Olympic diver Greg Louganis wanted Kendra to go ahead and do the three meter dive, but Kendra wasn't ready and she got it into with him. Louganis also said her fear of heights was an act, which made Kendra angry. It's amusing because Louganis is calm through the whole thing. Kendra says, "I don't like him." Take a look:

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