Lea Michele's Big Day: Apologizes to Patrick McMullan After Being Outed as Pat Poisonpuss

Posted on May 10, 2010

After Ted Casablanca outed Glee's Lea Michele as the Blind Vice known as Pat Poisonpuss, Lea has now apologized on Twitter for her appalling behavior to celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan. Ted's Blind Vice originally talked about the major diva on the Glee set that no one likes because she's so mean to the cast and crew in between takes.

Then, Ted called up Patrick to confirm how rude Lea was to him at the Time 100 gala (she spent the night making out with her boyfriend, then gave her name as first Sarah Palin then Taylor Swift when McMullan asked her last name after snapping her pic). It was a really dumb move on her part. What's next? Spitting in Annie Liebovitz's face? This is not the way for a starlet to get flattering photographs of herself in major publications.

Ted reports that McMullan said, "Everything that's in that story is true, Lea giving me the fake names, but not what I said. I didn't say 'f--k you' to her, even though I wanted to say 'F--k you!' No, what I said was, 'Forget about it.' "

McMullan also said that Taylor Swift and Demi and Ashton were "totally cool and nice" at the same event.

Clearly Lea's publicist read the story on E! then read her client the riot act. Lea then tweeted, "Big apology to @PatrickMcMullan. Totally didn't expect you (or anyone) @ Time 100 to know who I was w/all the amazing people there... [I] made a silly joke that didn't go over, so sorry. It was such an incredible night and I was beyond honored and thrilled to be there."

The guest at the table who originally leaked the story to the media said Lea was being very bitchy. Now Lea's eating humble pie (at least it's not fattening.) Will she mend her ways on the set of Glee and quit ordering around the crew like they are a bunch of servants?

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