Michelle Obama and Seth Meyers Give College Freshmen Advice

Posted on September 13, 2016

First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with Seth Meyers to visit Howard University to meet with some freshmen students to give them some helpful advice about college life. The twist? The students weren't told Mrs. Obama was going to be there and they pretty much freaked out when Seth revealed his mystery co-advisor.

The students had different questions, such as what was their favorite college party memory. Mrs. Obama revealed that she loved dance parties and even broke out an impromptu Flashlight dance. Seth tried to do the Flashlight, but he objected to the move because it didn't properly emulate holding an actual flashlight.

Mrs. Obama talked about eating healthily in college, which is always a challenge. Her sample box lunch looked healthy and delicious. Seth's contained only Skittles. Lots and lots of Skittles. He said he preferred to taste the Rainbow. Also, eating only candy will crash your blood sugar so you need to have lots of candy for a pick up snack later.

The funniest bit is when they did role playing with the student calling home to mom (Mrs. Obama) and dad (Seth). These two are just hilarious together. Take a look:

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