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Review of Eagle Eye Starring Shia LaBeouf (2009-02-12): We recently watched the DVD of Eagle Eye starring Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monoghan.

Monk and Psych Season Premieres are Tonight (2009-01-09): Tonight USA Network has two great season premieres: Monk and Psych.

Grissom Says Goodbye to CSI (2009-01-06): Gilbert "Gil" Grissom, Ph.

The Mentalist Sees Good Ratings In His Future (2008-12-03): CBS' The Mentalist hit a series high in ratings last night, averaging 18.

Steve Carell Gets Smart (2008-06-23): Steve Carell's Get Smart topped the box office this past weekend, making an estimated $39,155,000, with a per theater average of $10,011.

Woody Harrelson Goes Transsiberian (2008-06-12): Here's the trailer for Woody Harrelson's new movie, Transsiberian.

Jericho Show Saved With Nuts (2008-01-24): Last year Jericho fans were extremely upset to hear that their post-Apocalyptic drama had been cancelled.

Burn Notice Renewed For a Second Season (2007-09-21): Jennifer Godwin at E! Online talked to Burn Notice creator Matt Nix about the amazing finale and the upcoming season ahead.

Bourne Ultimatum Crushes Competition (2007-08-06): Matt Damon shows he has what it takes to be a top action hero: The Bourne Ultimatum crushed its competition this past weekend, making an estimated $70,181,000 with a per-theater gross of $19,175.

Burn Notice Hits the Spot (2007-07-12): USA Network has another summer hit on its hands with its new spy thriller/comedy Burn Notice.

The Mysterious New J.J. Abrams Movie Trailer (2007-07-05): A mysterious trailer from an upcoming J.

Ocean's 13 Tops Box Office (2007-06-11): Ocean's 13 topped the box office this past weekend, making an estimated $37,080,000 in its debut.

Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway in Get Smart Film (2007-05-12): Filming has begun on a Get Smart motion picture which is based on the popular television series with the same name.

Review of Lost Episode 11: Enter 77 (2007-03-08): [Spoilers Ahead for Episode 11, "Enter 77"] Last night's Lost was just amazing.

Alias Season 5 DVD Set For Release (2006-08-11): Finally, finally, they've set the release date for Season 5 of Alias.

USA Network's Psych Looks Promising (2006-07-07): Tonight is the premiere of USA Network's promising new series, Psych, which is coupled with the premiere of the new season of Monk.

Eagerly Awaiting The Lost Finale (2006-05-24): The Lost 2 hour season finale is on tonight and we can't wait! So, what mysteries will be revealed? TV Guide's Ask Ausiello gives a few hints: Carlton Cuse also said that Claire's memory has now fully returned.

Goodbye To Sydney Bristow (2006-05-22): It's really here: the end of Alias.

$224 Million: Da Vinci Code Has Second Biggest Opening Weekend Of All Time Worldwide (2006-05-21): Dan Brown's international bestseller opened in wide release Friday, May 19, 2006 and has already made $224 million worldwide in its first weekend, making it the second biggest opening weekend of all time.

Early Reviews Mixed for Da Vinci Code (2006-05-18): Columbia Pictures did not provide advanced screenings for the Da Vinci Code but some film critics were lucky enough to watch The Da Vinci Code premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.
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