Burn Notice Renewed For a Second Season

Posted on September 21, 2007

Screenshot from Burn NoticeJennifer Godwin at E! Online talked to Burn Notice creator Matt Nix about the amazing finale and the upcoming season ahead. Matt confirmed that the four main characters are coming back next season, which is a relief. We were going to be so angry if they killed off Sam. Don't you just love Bruce Campbell?
This season Michael had to create a new life for himself in Miami. Is he going to develop that life or reject it in season two?

Michael's stuck in Miami...he may get off the leash occasionally, but he's not going anywhere.

Where's the truck going?! (Just kidding.)

Wouldn't you like to know!

What's in store for mama and bro Weston? More spy family action?

Michael's family will be causing more problems for him in season two.
Ok, we've had enough of Michael's mother and brother to last a lifetime, but we'll put up with them so long as Sam sticks around. Sharon Gless is so annoying -- whine, whine, whine, inhale cigarettes and whine some more. But she's less annoying than the brother, who adds absolutely nothing to the storyline. Michael and Sam are a buddy team -- a real brother muddies the writing waters.

But other than those minor quibbles, we loved the finale. The writing was especially good in the second half of the two hour finale. Sam really got to shine in a realistic torture scene -- Bruce Campbell is just amazing. The conspiracy about who burned Michael and why is really heating up -- that part of the storyline is absolutely rocking. And Fiona is just great.

Oh, and those armed sit ups Michael does? We do those too.