Noah Wylie and Rebecca Romijn Return for Season 2 of The Librarians

Posted on October 24, 2015

TNT's The Librarians is returning for a second season with a two hour premiere on November 1st. The show hit its stride at the end of season one and the new cast finally got their rhythm down. The show is based on the popular TV movies about The Librarian, played by Noah Wylie.

The Librarian guards the world against bad magic. He battles demons, myths, legends and bad guys with magical powers. He also goes on quests, solves mysteries and tracks down powerful artifacts such as Excalibur, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Spear of Destiny. Noah Wylie is still the Librarian, but now he has an expanded crew to help him. Rebecca Romijn is the Guardian, who keeps the Librarians from getting killed by using her extensive military and security training.

The rest of the team includes Christian Kane as art expert Jake Stone, Lindy Booth as genius Cassandra Cillian, who has synesthesia, John Kim as thief Ezekiel Jones and John Larroquette as Jenkins. The show airs on Sunday nights and is perfect for family viewing -- a rarity these days. It's action packed and it's funny, too. Here's the trailer for season two:

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