Full Trailer for One Direction: This Is Us

Posted on June 25, 2013

He is a long way from doing exposes about McDonald's. Author and documentary film maker Morgan Spurlock directed the 3-D documentary about the phenomenally popular boy band One Direction. The film is called One Direction: This Is Us. The full length trailer has arrived.

The film hits theaters on August 30th and will detail the rise of the band with full access to the boy's lives. We see them as boys, and as adults interacting with their new and old lives and even calling mum to say she's got a new house. Harry Styles is shown visiting the bakery where he used to work.

Simon Cowell discovered the group when the guys were on X Factor as individual contestants. Simon put them together as a group. They didn't win the show, but they went on to sell 29 million albums. Take a look:

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