Sneak Peek at Oprah's Lindsay Lohan Documentary Series

Posted on March 5, 2014

OWN has released a gripping trailer for the eight part documentary series that Oprah Winfrey produced about Lindsay Lohan's attempt to get her life together after legal troubles, arrests and a stint in rehab.

The trailer shows Lindsay saying she wants to get her life together and she talks about how drinking and partying have no appeal for her any longer. But when the crew asks her sober companion if she's been sober, he doesn't really answer at all. Oprah is seen riding in a car as her assistant tells Oprah how Lindsay hasn't shown up on time and how they had to cancel a photo shoot because of her failure to commit. Oprah said that this is everything people warned her would happen, but she thought this time would be different.

Oprah confronts Lindsay and tells her to cut the BS. We certainly haven't seen Oprah do that before. The series begins this Sunday night, March 9th on OWN at 10|9c and we'll certainly be tuning in. Take a look:

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