First Paddington Bear Trailer Starring Colin Firth and Hugh Bonneville

Posted on June 12, 2014

Here is the full, rather disturbing, trailer for Paddington, a live action feature film starring the beloved Paddington Bear. In this trailer Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey) is on the phone trying to get additional homeowners insurance as they have a bear as an overnight guest. Then we see Paddington, voiced by Colin Firth, attempt to get ready for bed. In the bathroom he uses the toothbrushes to clean his ears, which is pretty disgusting. Then he gets into further trouble and accidentally destroys the entire bathroom, causing around $50,000 or more of damage to a very nice house.

We have to wonder: will the entire movie be full of gross humor? That certainly isn't what we were expecting. Also, he looks too much like a real grizzly bear: it's creepy. Sure, they're cute when they are little, but just a little growth spurt and he'll be a big bear who can do real damage to any humans nearby. In fact, it's kind of scary . Still, it's Colin Firth so we will nervously wait to see what horrors the next clip will bring. Take a look:

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