Seth Rogen, Steve Wozniak and Jimmy Fallon Play True Confessions

Posted on October 3, 2015

Steve Rogen and Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak joined Jimmy Fallon for a game of True Confessions, in which they sit at a table with coffee and cigarettes which is meant to look like an interrogation room. One player makes a statement while the other two interrogate him to see if it's true.

Seth Rogen is playing the Woz in the new film Steve Jobs and the two get along great. In fact, Woz has given the film and Rogen's portrayal of him high praise. Seth went first and his statement was pretty hilarious: "I once took mushrooms at a party with Wolf Blitzer." Jimmy and Woz questioned him closely, but he never broke. He said he brough the psychedelic mushrooms and offered them to the CNN anchor. He finally confessed that it was not true. Instead, Seth said, "It was Ron Rifkin and I thought it was Wolf Blitzer."

Jimmy then told a story about when he was in college and his friend broke his leg when stealing candy from a vending machine. Jimmy's stories from his past are always bizarre. The last time he told a story about getting his head stuck in a fence and his grandmother using mayo to get him out of it. That story was absolutely true.

Woz said he's not an actor so it's hard for him to do this kind of thing. He then said, "Steve Jobs and I were once robbed at gunpoint." He did well under questioning, saying that the incident happened in 1972. He said they were at a pizza parlor and had just had pepperoni pizza. When asked if Steve Jobs really ate the pizza, Woz said yes, "In those days." He laughed and explained, "This is Steve Zero. Before Apple." A guy held them up at gunpoint demanding a blue box which Woz had invented to make free long distance calls. But the thief then wanted directions on how to use it. At this point, Jimmy wanted to know if the thief was Bill Gates.

The funniest part of this bit is when Woz goes off on a tangent about binary numbers and how he knows if his hotel room will be good or not. Take a look:

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