Ryan Reynolds to Play Deadpool in New Film

Posted on June 20, 2009

Ryan Reynolds stars in the light-hearted romantic comedy, The Proposal, but he isn't satisfied playing romantic leads. MTV reports that Ryan Reynolds has complete control over the Deadpool character, which originated in Marvel's X-Men comics. Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and MTV reports that there is going to be a movie spin-off focused on the Deadpool character.

Now, after years of lobbying for the role and finally being rewarded with a huge opening for his debut in the recent "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," Ryan Reynolds has complete control over the character of Wade Wilson. Recently, he clued us in on some of the characters he expects to see in the "Deadpool" spinoff movie - but, as he told us, the best part of the gig is the hands-on approach that he's been given in developing it.

"I love it, because I get to be involved," Reynolds said of his role in the fast-tracked development of a Deadpool spin-off film. "And I'm such a huge fan of the character."

Currently, Reynolds and the studio are seeking a director and writer(s) for the film, and listening to plenty of ideas about where Wade's story should go. Fortunately for the die-hard fans, Reynolds has no intention of letting the film stray too far from its comic origins.

"I get to be the authentication police, in a weird way," grinned Reynolds, who will show his versatility this month in the refreshingly-decent romantic comedy "The Proposal" June 19th. "To their credit - the studio's credit - they want to make an authentic 'Deadpool' movie; they want to make it as close to the source material as possible."

Ryan Reynolds discussed the Deadpool character here in an earlier clip.

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