Scarlett Johansson is No Jenna Jameson

Posted on August 2, 2007

Scarlett Johansson looking fabulous in Louis Vuitton Fall 2007 campaign

Scarlett Johansson, looking fabulous in the new Fall 2007 ads for Louis Vuitton, has denied reports that she signed to pay adult film star Jenna Jameson in the film version of Jenna's book. Any rumors that Scarlett was considering this role appear to be completely fabricated. She hasn't even seen a screenplay for the film.

Today reports that a rep for Scarlett told People, "Scarlett has never seen a script nor been approached about this project. She also has no interest in playing this role."

Jenna meanwhile would love Scarlett to play her in a film. Jenna reportedly said, "I was like, 'This girl could play me.' I love her. She's amazing. She's smart, she's funny ... She's stunning."

We are glad Scarlett is avoiding the project. With so many scripts and film projects in the works it is important to pick the good roles. Wise move, Scarlett. Wise move.

Photo: Louis Vuitton

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