Seth Meyers and Miley Cyrus Are Forced to Become Best Friends

Posted on September 23, 2016

Miley Cyrus is a new coach on The Voice and stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to talk about it. But then Seth and Miley are forced to become best friends by NBC as part of their ongoing outreach program to make sure all their stars get along. Seth, a 42 year old man with a wife and child, tries his best to look cool so Miley will like him. Seth wears a septum piercing that's supposed to be fake, but turns out to be too painful to remove.

His dance moves do not impress her. He offers to take her to spray paint cars, but she declines. He gives her a tour of the studio. At the Shop at NBC Studios Seth has a plant tell him he's "on fleek" so he'll look hip. This does not work. He tries to get Miley to steal things from the store, but has trouble when Miley wants no part of it.

Seth ends up eating a bag of marijuana instead of smoking it, leading to a major anxiety attack. Luckily the weed turned out to be basil. So he was fine. But sadly, he never did convince Miley that he is her age. Although she did manage to get in an excellent pitch to watch The Voice. Take a look:

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