Kevin Spacey, Mae Whitman and Karl-Anthony Towns Get Jammed in a Phone Booth

Posted on August 16, 2015

Kevin Spacey clearly is not claustrophobic after his participation in Jimmy Fallon's latest crazy game. Kevn was a guest on The Tonight Show and unwisely agreed to play a new game called Phone Booth.

Kevin and Jimmy each stood in a phone booth and answered trivia questions posed to them by Higgens, who was using a red phone. When a player got a question wrong , he got a new roomate in his phone booth. when he got one right, his opponent got one. The phone booth guests were shown only in silhouette, like the old What's My Line? game show.

Kevin's first question listed the ingredients for a drink and asked him to name the cocktail. It was a Manhattan, but he didn't get the right answer. So he was joined by Keegan-Michael Key from Key and Peele. Jimmy got his next question right -- Rihanna has more #1 Billboard hits than Madonna.

At that point Kevin was starting to sweat, because 6' 11" NBA Draft pick Karl-Anthony Towns entered the booth. Then actress Mae Whitman and Triple Crown winning jockey Victor Espinoza had to all jam in the same booth. Kevin's reactions to the enforced closeness with random strangers was truly hilarious. When Espinoza showed up (he sat on the floor) someone wanted to know if his horse was coming with him.

Even with Higgins tipping Jimmy to the answer of what astrological sign had its birthday on the day of the show, Jimmy still lost in the end when Kevin finally got one right, with Mae's help. That meant Big Bird and ET would join Jimmy after all Kevin's friends jammed into Jimmy's booth. Sadly, they couldn't all fit.

Karl-Anthony Towns tweeted about the experience saying, "Hosting my next family reunion in a phone booth. #FallonTonight." We like Phone Booth. We think it needs to be a regular game on the show. Take a look:

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