Emily Mortimer and James Badge Dale Battle Mysterious Invaders in Spectral Trailer

Posted on December 2, 2016

Netflix just dropped the trailer for the SF action film Spectral Netflix picked up the film from Legendary Pictures. In a war-torn city mysterious entities appear and begin killing soldiers and civilians alike. A Delta Force Spec Ops team is dispatched to find out more about the threat. The entities can kill, but bullets go right through them, making them impossible to kill.

Definitely sounds like ghosts to us -- hostile ghosts. Or maybe aliens that just look like ghosts. In any event, they are going to need some smart scientists to figure this one out. Emily Mortimer, James Badge Dale, Clayne Crawford, and Bruce Greenwood star in the film that was directed by Nic Mathieu. The film was written by Ian Fried (Singularity). The special effects were done by Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop, so the fx is sure to be great.

Ghosts, soldiers, an urban landscape and puzzled scientists -- what's not to love? The film hits Netflix on December 9th and we'll definitely check it out. Take a look:

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