Trailer for Extended Version of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Posted on June 3, 2016

Well this certainly explains a lot. The new trailer for the ultimate edition of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice adds back in 30 minutes of footage that was cut from the theatrical release. The missing scenes, especially those set in Africa, appear to shed some light on some odd plot aspects of the film. Just by watching the trailer, we already understand more about why everyone is so mad at Superman and what exactly is driving Bruce Wayne to be so cranky.

But what's really shocking is how much better this trailer is than every single trailer that was released before the theatrical release. The tone is different. The style is different. And it looks like totally different movie.

So what's new in the trailer, other than the entire approach to storytelling? Well, the character development seems to have been fleshed out quite a bit, as well as the entire backstory as to why Superman (Henry Cavill) is in the doghouse. Wayne's (Ben Affleck) intense hatred for Superman in the film was puzzling -- this trailer we get a glimpse of how the original script had Bruce Wayne becoming more concerned about Superman over time. We also get Alfred (Jeremy Irons) intoning, "So falls the House of Wayne," which is certainly ominous. One surprise is that we get to see Jena Malone's character, whose scenes were all cut from the original film. She seems to be playing a reporter, although rumor was that she was playing Barbara Gordon. Presumably all will be made clear by the time the Justice League movie appears.

The DVD and digital versions of this extended cut will be available on July 19th. Take a look:

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