Taylor Swift Announces Reputation Album and Collectible Magazines

Posted on August 25, 2017

Taylor Swift has revealed that the name of her next album is Reputation. A big reveal was expected when she temporarily vanished form social media only to return with snakes. The album will be released on November 10. Taylor is also releasing two collectible magazines along with the new album.

Taylor says on her Instagram account, @taylorswift, "There will be no further explanation. There will just be reputation." It includes a video clip from the upcoming music video of her biting jewelry. It also includes video clips of a creepy slithering snake.

The collectible magazines are Target exclusives. They are sold as Volume 1 and Volume 2. The two magazines are sold bundled with the CD and include poetry written by Taylor Swift as well as personal photographs, fashion portraits, paintings, handwritten lyrics and more.

Rolling Stone says Taylor is releasing her dark side with the debut single, "Look What You Made Me Do." Kanye West is the target according to Rolling Stone and this is a good theory especially with Taylor taking a phone call and proclaiming the old Taylor to be dead. The music video will debut during the VMAs on 8-27. Here is the lyric video which is quite entertaining on its own. We can't wait to see the actual music video.

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