The End of Battlestar Galactica

Posted on June 1, 2007

Sci Fi Battlestar Galactica poster

Battlestar Galactica will end after its fifth season. Michael Ausiello of TV Guide shared the sad news that next season will be the last one.

The show's executive producers David Eick and Ronald D. Moore said in a statement, "This show was always meant to have a beginning, a middle and finally, an end. Over the course of the last year, the story and the characters have been moving strongly toward that end and we've decided to listen to those internal voices and conclude the show on our own terms. And while we know our fans will be saddened to know the end is coming, they should brace themselves for a wild ride getting there -- we're going out with a bang."

This is just so annoying. Battlestar was one of the best shows on TV until this past season when they just ruined Starbuck's character. She's the best pilot in the fleet so they make her an alcoholic, mentally unstable witch? The show became a soap opera instead of an action series. The Cylons were much more interesting than the humans by the end of the season. The idea that the storylines were exhausted is simply ridiculous.

It seems clear that the producers/writers lost focus and let the story deteriorate. Why did President Rosslyn morph from being a fascinating character into one who is just repulsive? She needs to die already. Do the writers hate women? Because what they did to the characters of Rosslyn and Starbuck is just wrong.

Oh, of course we'll tune in for the last season, but we'll be throwing popcorn at the screen and yelling if they don't get back to the cool stuff and dial down the suds. Oh, and they need to stop running out of stuff! We hate that. Find a planet and get re-supplied. Because this whole "we're running out of food" storyline is really, really lame.

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