The End of the World as We Know It?

Posted on April 20, 2008

Here's an upbeat, must-see tv show tonight: "Last Days on Earth" airs tonight on the History Channel at 7:00 p.m. Central time. Here's the official description from ABC.

How smart are we as a civilization?

Smart enough to control our destiny and avoid the cataclysms that may end life as we know it?

For thousands of years, different religions have warned Earth about Armageddon and the final days. We are now living in an age where scientists are adding their voices and their evidence in support of end-of-the-world possibilities. "Last Days on Earth" is a program that could change the way you see your world and yourself.

The world's top scientists, including Stephen Hawking, considered the foremost living theoretical physicist, describe seven riveting scenarios detailing the deadliest threats to humanity. Some can destroy the planet, others have the ability to render us extinct, and all have the power to destroy civilization. How likely are they to occur, and what exactly would happen if they did, and could we survive? "Last Days on Earth" goes beyond science fiction to science fact. Using state-of-the-art visual effects, it will take viewers on a journey that is both breathtaking and terrifying, from the outer reaches of the universe to the inner world of DNA, with an around-the-globe tour in between.

"Of all the generations of humans that have walked the surface of the Earth -- for 100,000 years, going back when we first left Africa -- the generation now alive is the most important," said Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at City University of New York. "The generation now alive, the generation that you see, looking around you, for the first time in history, is the generation that controls the destiny of the planet itself."

So, basically, Stephen Hawking will explain how the events of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles are going to come to pass. That ought to give everyone sweet dreams tonight. Oh, and in a related note, Michael Ausiello of TV Guide says that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles just got renewed for a second season. Hooray!

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