Jason Bateman Has a Creepy Stalker in First Trailer for The Gift

Posted on April 2, 2015

Jason Bateman stars in the first trailer for the psychological thriller The Gift. Bateman and Rebecca Hall play Simon and Robyn a happily married couple who have moved into their dream house. Things are great until they run into a an old high school acquaintance of Simon's.

His name is Gordo and he is really creepy. Simon says he doesn't even remember the guy, but Gordo seems to have very vivid memories of their high school days. Soon, he is a constant visitor to their house and is always leaving them extremely personalized gifts. When Simon finally tells Gordo that they really can't be friends any longer, Gordo pretty much loses it and threatens to reveal Simon's awful secret to his wife.

Gordo is played by Joel Edgerton, an excellent actor who has appeared in many films, including Exodus: Gods and Kings and The Great Gatsby. Edgerton wrote the screenplay and also directed the film. This role is a departure for Bateman who ususally plays very different kind of roles. With his incredible comedic talents, roles like this probably don't come along often for him. The trailer is intriguing. As for Gordo -- who knows what he's going to do next? Even the goldfish are not safe.

The film hits theaters on July 31st. Take a look:

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