Thor Generates Big Box Office Numbers

Posted on May 12, 2011

Thor opened with a $65 million weekend at the box office this past weekend. The film has continued to make $4 to $5 million each day this week. Kenneth Branagh did a masterful job with Thor. The cast was excellent. Chris Hemsworth did a great job playing the cocky, overconfident Thor at the beginning and the more humble Thor on Earth. Tom Hiddleston was terrific as the mischievous Loki. The film is likely to continue to pull in moviegoers this weekend thanks to great word of mouth.

Two other films that opened this past weekend included Jumping the Broom and Something Borrowed. Jumping the Broom performed very well making over $15 million in just a little over 2,000 theaters - a rate of nearly $7.5 million a theater. The romantic comedy Something Borrowed did not fare as well. It made less than Jumping the Broom despite appearing in nearly 900 more theaters.

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