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Furiosa Mad Max Sage Trailer Released: The trailer for Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga has been released. It features a young Furiosa played by actress Anya Taylor Joy. (2024-03-21)

What Thor Was Doing While Captain America and Tony Stark Were Feuding: Marvel has released a hilarious video showing what Thor was doing during the events chronicled in Captain America: Civil War. He also goes for a coffee with Bruce Banner. (2016-08-29)

Emily Blunt Shows Her Powers in The Huntsman: Winter's War Trailer: Emily Blunt reveals the backstory of Queen Freya in the second amazing trailer from Huntsman: Winter's War. (2016-02-11)

Chris Hemsworth Goes Undercover as a Woman on SNL: Chris Hemsworth dons a dress and wig to go undercover at brunch to see if women still find him attractive. The results are hilarious. (2015-12-13)

Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt Are Evil Queens in The Huntsman: Winter's War Trailer: It's like a twisted version of Frozen: Charlize Theron is the Evil Queen and Emily Blunt is her Ice Queen little sister in The Huntsman: Winter's War Trailer. (2015-11-18)

Blackhat Arrives on Blu-ray and On Demand: Blackhat will arrive on DVD, Blu-ray and On Demand on May 5. The film stars actor Chris Hemsworth. (2015-03-16)

SNL: Chris Hemsworth Tells of His Hardships in American Express Commercial Parody: In this hilarious SNL parody of an American express commercial, Chris Hemsworth describes his long, difficult road to stardom in Hollywood. It's a truly inspiring story. (2015-03-08)

SNL Sketch: Chris Hemsworth and a Live Chicken Spoof Star Trek: Chris Hemsworth admits his love for a live chicken in this SNL Star Trek spoof. The chicken is the starship captain and they must talk about her reckless actions. (2015-03-08)

In the Heart of the Sea Trailer: Chris Hemsworth Battles the Leviathan: Chris Hemsworth battles the Leviathan in the trailer for In the Heart of the Sea. The film is directed by Ron Howard. (2015-01-03)

Chris Hemsworth is a Brilliant Hacker in Blackhat Trailer: Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis star in Michael Mann's cyberthriller Blackhat. Hemsworth plays a computer hacker who must help stop a terrorist network. (2014-09-26)

Chris Hemsworth Discusses the Difficulties in Kissing Natalie Portman: Chris Hemsworth discusses the difficulty kissing his Thor co-star Natalie Portman due to their extreme height difference. (2013-11-11)

Thor: The Dark World Dominates Weekend Box Office With $81 Million Opening: Thor: The Dark World dominated the box office this weekend. The film made a hefty $81 million and crushed Jackass Presents; Bad Grandpa. (2013-11-10)

Full Trailer for Thor: The Dark World Starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston: Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor in the full trailer for Thor: The Dark World. The film also stars Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman. (2013-08-07)

Trailer for Rush Starring Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl and Olivia Wilde: Here is the trailer for Rush starring Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, and Olivia Wilde. (2013-04-08)

Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and Isabel Lucas Star in Red Dawn Trailer: Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson are among the stars of the new Red Dawn film. Washington is invaded by a foreign army in the film. (2012-08-12)

The Hunger Games Picks Up Five Teen Choice Awards: The Hunger Games was one of the most dominant films at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. (2012-07-23)

Kristen Stewart Talks Snow White on Today Show: Kristen Stewart stopped by the Today Show to talk about her new film, Snow White and the Huntsman. (2012-06-02)

Joss Whedon Explains Avengers Scene Where Thor Fights Iron Man: In this clip from The Avengers, director and screenwriter Joss Whedon does the commentary for the scene where Thor (Chris Hemsworth) gets into a fight with Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr. (2012-04-30)

Avengers Theatrical Trailer and Movie Posters Released: Some new character posters and the theatrical trailer for The Avengers has been released. (2012-03-01)

Alan Taylor to Direct Thor Sequel: Deadline reports that Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) has been hired by Marvel to direct the sequel to Thor. (2011-12-27)