SNL: Chris Hemsworth Tells of His Hardships in American Express Commercial Parody

Posted on March 8, 2015

Who knew that Chris Hemsworth was so good at comedy? He nailed his hosting job on Saturday Night Live last night. He poked fun at himself, he danced and he even declared his love for a live chicken in a Star Trek spoof.

SNL took a swipe at those American Express commercials which tug at your heartstrings by showing us a story of a cardmember who has over come insurmountable odds to be a success in life. The Mindy Kaling ad is especially effective. She goes about her day while she notes that they told her that they never put people that look like her on TV. But, of course, that changed.

In this faux American Express ad, Chris Hemsworth tells his arduous journey of becoming a movie star. It was grueling. In fact, it took days for him to get noticed and cast in a major motion picture. We see him going to work on the set of a cop show. He's happy, everyone loves him.

His narration begins, "I wasn't always Thor. When I got to Hollywood they said I'd never make it as an actor. They said I was too tall, too blond. My muscles were too big. It didn't happen overnight for me. I bounced around Hollywood for days. Then someone stopped me in the street and said you've go got to be Thor, come with me. At my audition they said 'Um, we're looking for a Thor-type, not actual Thor.' Then everybody laughed. Then they gave me a check for eight million dollars."

But the haters never stopped. They told him he'd never be a hit with the ladies. And it got worse. He shares with us, "They said I'd never look cool in sunglasses. But check this out..BOOM! This is my journey. If a jacked Australian with a perfect face can make it, anyone can."

Take a look:

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