SNL Sketch: Chris Hemsworth and a Live Chicken Spoof Star Trek

Posted on March 8, 2015

With first time hosts of Saturday Night Live you never know what you're going to get. Generally theater people and comedians do well hosting, but not always. Movie actors are a toss up: some of them are surprisingly bad at live sketches.

But not this time. Chris Hemsworth hosted last night in a very funny episode. He was game for anything and has surprisingly great comic timing. He was genuinely funny and fit right into the cast dynamic. And he never broke-- not even when he was required to profess his love to an actual, live chicken in a Star Trek spoof. Now that's impressive.

Hemsworth plays the first officer to a reckless starship commander whose decisions could get the entire crew killed. The captain is a chicken, as apparently chickens have evolved into the most advanced beings in the galaxy. When the captain orders the crew to take the ship into a dangerous area of space, the crew objects. It's up to Chris' character to convince her of the error of her ways. Oh, and it turns out they've been having an affair. But things aren't going well. She can barely look him in the face as he pours out his heart to her.

This is a completely bizarre sketch with an even more bizarre ending. We love it. Take a look:

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