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Here are the latest posts about James Franco on Watchers Watch:

James Franco and Selena Gomez Star in First Trailer for In Dubious Battle: James Franco directs and stars in the first trailer for In Dubious Battle, based on the John Steinbeck novel about the beginnings of the labor movement. Selena Gomez co-stars. (2016-09-04)

James Franco and Bryan Cranston Star in Why Him? Trailer: James Franco plays a wild tech billionaire who wants to marry Bryan Cranston's daughter in the first trailer for the comedy Why Him? (2016-07-02)

James Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse Star in Trailer for Madden 16: James Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Rob Gronkowski and Coach Rex Ryan star in the Madden Movie trailer for Madden 16. (2015-08-22)

Seth Rogen and James Franco Pop Out of a Cake for Jimmy Fallon's Birthday: Seth Rogen and James Franco popped out of a giant birthday cake for Jimmy Fallon's 40th birthday. They went shirtless for the event. (2014-09-21)

Trailer for The Interview Starring Seth Rogen and James Franco: Seth Rogen and James Franco play assassins sent into North Korea to kill Kim Jong-Un in the trailer for the action comedy The Interview. (2014-06-12)

Trailer for Good People Starring James Franco and Kate Hudson: James Franco, Kate Hudson and Tom Wilkinson star in the trailer for Good People, a thriller about a couple who finds a bag of money and makes a life altering decision. (2014-05-10)

Trailer for Palo Alto Starring James Franco, Emma Roberts and Val Kilmer: Here is the first full trailer for Palo Alto, the debut film from Gia Coppola. The film is based James Franco's short stories of teen life in California and stars Emma Roberts. (2014-04-01)

Trailer for Homefront Starring Jason Statham, James Franco and Kate Bosworth: Jason Statham, James Franco and Kate Bosworth star in Homefront and action thriller written by Sylvestor Stallone. (2013-10-19)

Kelly Monaco Talks James Franco, New Dirty Soap Reality Show: Kelly Monaco talks about James Franco's stint on General Hospital. (2011-09-23)