Trailer for Palo Alto Starring James Franco, Emma Roberts and Val Kilmer

Posted on April 1, 2014

Here is the trailer for Palo Alto starring Emma Roberts, James Franco and Val Kilmer. Emma looks like a bored teen in the pink hued movie poster. The film is directed by Gia Coppola and is based on the coming of age short story collection by James Franco. Gia also wrote the screenplay. The city of Palo Alto in California is known for being home to some major tech companies and an incubator for others. Palo Alto is also Franco's hometown and his story collection was partly inspired by his life growing up in Palo Alto.

The film focuses on three stories about teens who long for some excitement in their lives. They each go about finding thrills in a different way. Their fun times sometimes include too much partying. Val Kilmer plays Emma Robert's stepfather in the movie. Take a look:

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