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Here are the latest posts about Madonna on Watchers Watch:

Madonna Talks Donald Trump, Art and Expression With Harper's Bazaar: Madonna talks about Donald Trump, art and more in the February 2017 issue of Harper's Bazaar. (2017-01-27)

Madonna Battles Minotaurs in New Living for Love Video: Madonna takes on the Minotaur in the video for Living for Love. It's her best video in years with superb choreography, cinematography and passion. (2015-02-07)

Madonna Releases Six Songs From Rebel Heart: Madonna released six songs from her new album Rebel Heart over the holidays. (2015-01-03)

Madonna Wins Golden Globe for Best Song: Madonna won a Golden Globe for her song Masterpiece, which she co-wrote with Julie Frost and Jimmy Harry. (2012-01-15)

Lady Gaga's Alejandro Video is Here: Lady Gaga's new Alejandro music video was directed by photographer Steven Klein. (2010-06-08)

Perez Hilton Announces the Perezzie Awards: Perez Hilton has announced the winners for his first annual Perezzies Awards for the Best in Hollywood as voted on by his readers. (2008-12-21)

Madonna: 4 Minutes With Justin Timberlake: Madonna and Justin Timberlake worked together with Timbaland on the song and music video for "4 Minutes. (2008-04-28)

Live Earth to Be Biggest Concert in Earth's History: Be sure to tune in to the fabulous concerts that former Vice President Al Gore has spent so much time organizing. (2007-07-06)