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Here are the latest posts about Paris Hilton on Watchers Watch:

Paris Hilton Testifies Before Congress About Youth Facility Abuse: Paris Hilton testified before Congress about abuse at youth treatment facilities. She says she sexually abused and forced to take medications. (2024-06-29)

Paris Hilton Wears Miley Cyrus Twerk Costume for Halloween: Paris Hilton is wearing a Miley Cyrus twerk costume. The costume was inspired by Miley Cyrus's VMA performance and features the ugly cartoon bears. (2013-10-28)

Emma Watson Plays Bad Girl in The Bling Ring: The teaser trailer for The Bling Ring has arrived. (2013-03-09)

Jon Hamm Doubles Down on Kim Kardashian Comments: Jon Hamm doubled down on his criticism of Kim Kardashian during an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show (2012-03-19)

Sarah Shahi Blasts Paris Hilton's Driving on Twitter: Sarah Shahi is not a fan of Paris Hilton's driving. She blasted Paris on Twitter and said she almost hit her car and ran a stop sign. (2011-04-25)

Nathan Lee Parada Charged in Connection With Attempted Burglary at Paris Hilton's Home: Prosecutors in Los Angeles say they have charged a man arrested outside the home of Paris Hilton with attempted burglary. (2010-08-27)

Paris Hilton Makes Guest Appearance on Supernatural: Paris Hilton is going to be appearing on the October 8th episode of Supernatural. (2009-10-07)

Paris Hilton Testifies in Sorority Movie Lawsuit: Paris Hilton testified in a civil lawsuit that she did not do enough to promote the film Pledge This. (2009-07-11)

Paris Hilton's Next BFF to be From Dubai: Paris Hilton is going to Duba to look for her next BFF (Best Friend Forever). Watch the video promo shared by Paris herself. (2009-04-25)

The Making of Repo! The Genetic Opera: Repo! The Genetic Opera already has a cult following, just from the clips shown online. (2008-10-22)

Paris Hilton Back in Jail: For Now: Paris Hilton has been sent back to jail. She is in a solitary room and is very unlikely to serve a full sentence. (2007-06-11)

Paris Gets Out of Jail: Judge May Throw Her Back In: Paris Hilton has had a really bizarre day. (2007-06-07)