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Here are the latest posts about Steve Jobs on Watchers Watch:

Michael Fassbender is Brilliant in Steve Jobs Trailer: Michael Fassbender nails his performance in the first full trailer for Steve Jobs. The fast-paced, energetic trailer takes a look at Jobs' genius and his darker side. (2015-07-01)

First Look at Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs: In the first teaser trailer for Steve Jobs, we see Michael Fassbender as Apple founder. Seth Rogen is the Woz and Kate Winslet is Joanna Hoffman. (2015-05-18)

Steve Wozniak Says Jobs Movie Wasn't a Quality Movie: Steve Wozniak says the Jobs movie was not a quality movie. He says it was flat. (2013-08-21)

Theatrical Trailer for Jobs Starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs: Ashton Kutcher stars as Steve Jobs in this theatrical trailer for the biopic called Jobs. (2013-06-22)

Filming for Steve Jobs Movie Begins at Steve Jobs' Childhood Home in Los Altos: Filming for the new Steve Jobs movie has started near Jobs' childhood home in Los Altos, California. This film stars Ashton Kutcher as Jobs. (2012-06-08)

Steve Wozniak Releases Statement Supporting Ashton Kutcher Playing Steve Jobs: USA Today reports that Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple with Steve Jobs, has released a statement i in an upcoming movien support of Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs. (2012-04-03)