Will Ferrell to Receive Comedic Genius Award at 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Posted on March 2, 2013

MTV has announced that Will Ferrell will be given its first Comedic Genius Award the the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. MTV says the award honors Ferrell's " incomparable contributions to the world of comedy, including his on-screen portrayals of some of pop culture's greatest characters."

Stephen Friedman, President of MTV, said in a statement, "Will Ferrell epitomizes what it means to be a comedic genius and it's only fitting that he should be the inaugural recipient of this award. Over the course of his extraordinary, 17-plus-year career, he has entertained audiences across the globe with an impressive array of laugh-out-loud performances on air, online and in films. Simply put, Will Ferrell is 'kind of a big deal'."

Update: Aubrey Plaza tried to steal Ferrell's award but failed. Ferrell wore a money suit.

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