Emile Hirsch and J.K. Simmons Have a Wild Night in First All Nighter Trailer

Posted on January 11, 2017

Emile Hirsch and J.K. Simmons make a very odd couple in the funny first trailer for All Nighter. Oscar winner Simmons plays Mr. Gallo, a father who stops in Los Angeles to visit his daughter, but finds she has disappeared. He tracks down her ex-boyfriend Martin (Emile Hirsch) and convinces him to join him in the hunt to find his daughter Ginnie (Annaleigh Tipton).

Mr. Gallo is a bit of a mystery. He works all the time and travels a lot. Martin says he and Ginnie used to joke that he was an arms dealer. He says he is in "procurement." Yep, he sound like the dad in Taken. But this is a comedic version of the action thriller, although Simmons does show a few fight skills in the brief trailer.

Hirsch and Simmons make an appealing duo and when Taran Killam joins their mission, it gets even better. The hunt goes on for a day and a full night as the team tracks down every lead they can find. The film was directed by Gavin Wiesen (The Art of Getting By) and written by Seth W. Owen (Morgan). Take a look:

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