Bryan Cranston Spoofs MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Posted on May 21, 2016

Bryan Cranston did an absolutely hilarious spoof on Jimmy Kimmel Live of the MTV show My Super Sweet 16 the show in which spoiled rich teen obsess over the planning of their perfect 16th birthday party. When Bryan commits to a role, he really commits. He is pitch perfect as a bratty teen. He opens with "Hi, I'm Bryan Cranston, six-time award-winning actor. I'm sexy, I'm cute and I love the spotlight."

At that point you know that things are going to get crazy. He then informs us that he is going to have a Sweet 60 party which must be "turnt." He explains that he still lives with his parents, because he is their "little superstar." His parents are quite sweet and quite elderly, but try to indulge their Bryan who complains endlessly when his dad tries to keep him on a budget for the party. He yells at them, "This is my time to shine bright like a diamond!!"

The Breaking Bad star agrees to meet with party planner Jimby Kimble (Jimmy Kimmel) and his assistant Guillermo. His dad later tells the camera, "He's an ass!! I said it, write it down." Jimby theme ideas included Hwaiian Bryan or Lights, Camera, Cranston!! These ideas did not go over well. "How original," snarked Cranston. "You're the limp d&** of ideas." He said the party must be "ferocious." And so a them was born. Jimmy comes up with "The Bryan King, like The Lion King but with your name in place of the Lion. Roaring your way into 60."

His elderly parents worry about the ever-increasing budget, while bratty Bryan tells his lovely mother to shut up. He wants Sisqo to sing "The Thong Song" at his party, which sends the budget soaring over $600,000.Bob Odenkirk helps him vet the perfect party outfit. He then gets to try on crowns. No one else can try them on because it's His Day. He demands more crowns, until he has five on his head at one time. "I I'm so much better than any of you," he shares. "Okay five crowns," his dad says, "we'll be dead soon anyways."

We finally get to the party, and just as you might expect more drama erupts. His name is misspelled on the banner which leads to an epic meltdown. "You're ruining my party and ruining my life!!" he screams as tears roll down his cheeks. After the grammar nightmare he moans to the camera, "This has been the worst night of my life. I don't now how it could get any worse." At that point his Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul arrived in the exact same lion coat. Cranston loses it yelling at Aaron, "I carried your ass for six years, you are not stealing my thunder now" But Aaron has the best comeback, snapping "You know how I said I loved Trumbo, well I didn't even see it! Happy Birthday, bitch!"

Then the Lamborghini arrives with a special guest. Yes, it was Sisqo who had been stuck in there for 45 minutes. But he still performed like a pro. This is one of the funniest spoofs Kimmel has ever done. We're thinking Cranston deserves yet another Emmy for this one. He is amazing. And the writers hit every single beat from the MTV show. Be sure to keep an eye out for all the Breaking Bad Easter eggs, too. Take a look:

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