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Here are the latest posts about Jimmy Kimmel on Watchers Watch:

Pumpkin Spice Pizza is the Final Straw for Jimmy Kimmel: The announcement of Pumpkin Spice Pizza was too much. Jimmy Kimmel had had enough. (2017-09-28)

Snoop Dogg Narrates Iguana vs. Snakes Nature Video: Snoop Dogg narrated the Iguana vs. Snakes nature video from Planet Earth II for Jimmy Kimmel Live (2017-06-13)

Bryan Cranston Spoofs MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen on Jimmy Kimmel Live : Bryan Cranston is absolutely hilarious in this spoof of MTV's My Super Sweet 16. Cranston wants an epic Sweet 60 party and it must be perfect. (2016-05-21)

Josh Groban Sings Donald Trump Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel: Singer Josh Groban sang a selection of Donald Trump tweets for Jimmy Kimmel Live. (2015-08-31)

Rihanna Terrifies Jimmy Kimmel With April Fools Day Prank: Rihanna gave Jimmy Kimmel an April Fools Day he'll never forget. She burst into his bedroom with backup dancers and performed Bitch Better Have My Money. (2015-04-02)

Sir Patrick Stewart Pretends to be Annoying Plane Passengers: Actor Sir Patrick Stewart appears to be annoying people on the plane in this Jimmy Kimmel skit. (2015-01-18)

Jimmy Kimmel Presents the NBA Version of Mean Tweets: Jimmy Kimmel presents the NBA version of Mean Tweets in which basketball players and announcers read terrible tweets about themselves. (2014-06-16)

Jimmy Kimmel Film Spoof: The Movie: 2V Starring Bradley Cooper, Matt Damon and Salma Hayek: Jimmy Kimmel did a post Oscars live show with lots of celebrity guest. (2013-02-25)

Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present: Jimmy Kimmel issued a YouTube Christmas challenge to parents. (2011-12-17)

Tom Hanks is a Toddler and Tiaras Dad on Jimmy Kimmel Skit: Tom Hanks was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel's post Oscar show and participated in a hilarious video spoof in which Tom becomes the worst stage dad in the world to his daughter Sophie (played by actress Nikki Hahn). (2011-03-02)