Rihanna Terrifies Jimmy Kimmel With April Fools Day Prank

Posted on April 2, 2015

One of the best April Fools Day pranks this year was played on notorious prankster Jimmy Kimmel. With the cooperation of Jimmy's wife, Rihanna pulled a major prank on the talk show host.

Jimmy was sleeping soundly in his house. His wife let in Rihanna, her backup dancers and a film crew into the house. They tiptoed up the stairs then busted into his bedroom and burst into song. They sang "Bitch Better Have My Money" while dancing, throwing money on the bed. There were strobe lights and confetti flying, as well.

Jimmy was totally confused and kept asking what was happening. Rihanna jumped on his bed and continued to dance and throw money at him. He finally woke up and came downstairs where he said that he actually thought aliens had landed because of all the crazy lights.

Rihanna gave him a hug and said, "Well, I am a really big fan of your April Fools' pranks, so I was like, 'I wanna do that, if I'm gonna go on the couch let's get him pranked." She then said to blame his wife Molly, as Jimmy did not look very thrilled to be on the receiving end of a successful prank. He seemed really hoarse and probably had a cold. He was so groggy it seemed like he was wacked out on Nyquil, which would explain why it took so long for him to wake up.

The song is the second single from her upcoming album R8. Rihanna first mentioned the song on her Instagram account. Rihanna debuted the song live at the 2015 iHeartRadio Awards. Rihanna has been quite busy lately. She appeared on stage with Jay-Z, Madonna, Nikki Minaj and other musical stars to promote Jay-Z's music streaming service called Tidal. The new service aims to take on Spotify. It is owned by musicians and will give them bigger royalties than Spotify.

The new service generated a huge negative backlash on Twitter when fans discovered there is no free tier for fans. Many called the project tone deaf and greedy on the part of multi millionaire entertainers. The regular monthly fee is $9.99. If you want to hear the songs in high def, the cost is $19.99. Many people thought the celebrities were gathering on stage for a major charity initiative and were disappointed when it turned out to be a commercial venture.

Here's Rihanna pranking Jimmy:

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