Christina Aguilera and Will Ferrell Dance and Sing About Their Tight Pants

Posted on February 17, 2016

Will Ferrell and Christina Aguilera joined Jimmy Fallon for a bitter fight over who has the tightest pants in town and it was glorious. This is the third installment of the hilarious -- and ridiculous -- bit. The first one showcased Jimmy and Will dancing and bragging about their tight pants. The second one featured Jennifer Lopez wearing tight pants in a bare midriff giving Jimmy a run for his money.

This time Will brought reinforcements in the form of Christina Aguilera. Christina eschewed the traditional white boots. Instead she went for sky high red heels. She did don a blonde bowl cut wig, though. Christina belted out the tight pants song like you have never heard it before. Will even gave her a look in the middle of the bit, like he could not believe he's actually singing live with Christina Aguilera -- it was really funny.

They all blasted each other with corny sayings. Will was so mad at Jimmy for trying to stealth their tight pants thunder he called Jimmy a "Fat Faced Cobb Knobbler". "Don't mess with the Lionesss! Christina declared, while belting out a line from The lion King. Jimmy lost this round and had to leave in order to find another place where he could have the tightest pants in town. Take a look:

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