Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon Perform Tight Pants on The Tonight Show

Posted on June 9, 2014

Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon performed the "Tight Pants" song on The Tonight Show. Jlo and Fallon both wear very tight white pants in the performance. Will Ferrell first performed the hilarious tight pants skit in 2012.

Jlo clearly looks the best of them all in her white pants. She sings that she's the only chick wearing tight pants. She says the mayor presented her with a plaque declaring her pants "the tightest in all the land." She threatens Fallon and orders him to find another town to wear his tight pants in. Jennifer says, "Get lost, applesauce. I'm the only one who can wear tight pants in this town. You feel me? Don't rattle the cage."

Take a look:

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