G-Force Guinea Pigs Squeak Past Harry Potter

Posted on July 26, 2009

G-Force, an animated kids movie about a group of highly trained guinea pigs, has won the weekend box office. The popularity of the film has raised concerns that kids will be begging parents for guinea pigs as pets. G-Force made $32.5 million over the weekend. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince slipped to number two but made another $30 million to bring its total box office gross to over $221 million. Katherine Heigl's R-rated comedy The Ugly Truth made an impressive $27 million despite attempts by Newsweek to derail her career.

The creepy Orphan horror movie opened in fourth place and made over $14 million. Orphan was followed by Ice Age, Transformers 2 and the very funny comedies, The Hangover and The Proposal. You can see the complete box office chart for the weekend here.

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