Funny or Die: Oscar Nominee Jean Dujardin Auditions to Be a Villain

Posted on February 11, 2012

French actor Jean Dujardin is up for a Best Actor for his role in The Artist. Now Jean must decide in which direction to take his career, now that he's had a breakout role in America. In this hilarious video from Funny Or Die, Dujardin meets with his agents to see what he should do next.

His agents tell him that top European actors always make the best villains in blockbuster movies. So they send him on auditions to be the villain in every single film coming up, from the next Die Hard, to the next Bond movie, to Larry Crowne 2 to the next Transformers movie. He plays the same villain in every audition -- only the type of gun changes.

Unfortunately, he lands all the roles, which means he is committed to make 50 films in the next year. We love Jean Dujardin. He's sort of like the French Jon Hamm. Take a look:

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