Joy Behar Talks to Ines Sainz About Jets Incident

Posted on September 14, 2010

HLN's Joy Behar talked to reporter Ines Sainz about whether she was sexually harassed by members of the New York Jets. The NFL is investigating the incident. Sainz also reportedly had footballs thrown at her. Rush Limbaugh proved why he deserved to be fired as NFL commentator for ESPN by commenting that Ines Sainz is "booty-licious" and that "she knows she has ass-ets."

Ines Sainz, who does wear tight fitting jeans on the football field, says she tries to focus on her job and ignore the comments from players and fans. Ines posted an image on her Twitter account, @InesSainzG, of the jeans she was wearing on the day she interviewed the Jets. Ines says she does not try to provoke the players.

Ines says other people in the media heard things being said about her that she didn't hear. Joy Behar says Ines refers to herself as the "hottest reporter in Mexico." Men appear to be hooting at Ines during her interview with Joy Behar. Take a look:

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