Sports Movie and TV News

James Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse Star in Trailer for Madden 16 (August 22, 2015): James Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Rob Gronkowski and Coach Rex Ryan star in the Madden Movie trailer for Madden 16.

Trailer for Draft Day Starring Kevin Kostner (December 24, 2013): Kevin Kostner stars in a new football movie called Draft Day. He plays the general manager of the Cleveland Browns.

Trailer for The Armstrong Lie, the Documentary About Lance Armstrong and Doping (October 8, 2013): Director Alex Gibney followed Lance Armstrong around for a year in 2009 and was shocked when Armstrong finally admitted he'd been living a lie.

Trailer for Need for Speed Starring Aaron Paul (September 27, 2013): Here is the trailer for Need for Speed starring Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. The film is adapted from the Need for Speed videogame franchise by Electronic Arts.

Gridiron Gang Scores at the Box Office (September 18, 2006):

Mark Wahlberg Feels Invincible (August 28, 2006):
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