SNL Sketch: WWE Promos Starring Dwayne Johnson and Bobby Moynihan

Posted on March 29, 2015

Duane "The Rock" Johnson hosted .Saturday Night Live for the fourth time and he was amazing. He's charming, he's funny and he'll do anything for a laugh. And that's why he's such a great host. One of the funniest sketches of the evening was the WWE Promo Shoot.

Dwayne plays platinum blond wrestler Koko WatchOut. He is filming some promos for his big fight with Trashyard Mutt (Bobby Moynihan). Trashyard tells Koko not to hold back during the promo -- to just really let him have it. Koko agrees and when the promo begins Koko starts trash talking Trashyard. But instead of saying how he's going to pound him into dust in the ring, he really goes for the jugular. It turns out that Koko has a full investigative file on Trashyard and start throwing out all his darkest secrets during the promo.

From his STD to his long lost daughter -- he just lets fly with the zingers. Bobby Moynihan is hilarious as the increasingly agitated and then nauseated Trashyard whose big prop is a white plastic bone. Dwayne is hilarious as the wrestler who just will not stop until his opponent is totally demoralized. From his platinum blond mullet to the sequinned jacket, he's ready to rumble. Or at least go disco dancing. Taran Killam is the announcer who has seen it all. But even he's shocked at the dark turn the promos take.

Dwayne is such a great host. He needs to become a member of the Five Time Club stat. Take a look:

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