Justin Bieber Stars in T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial Called Unlimited Moves

Posted on February 2, 2017

Justin Bieber stars in the T-Mobile Ad for Super Bowl LI. The big game has the Falcons taking on the Patriots. The ad also stars Rob Gronkowski and Terrell Owens. A number of Super Bowl Ads have already been released.

T-Mobile says in a statement, "Fans are encouraged to submit their best celebratory touchdown dances to Twitter and Instagram tagging #UnlimitedMoves. Justin will select his favorites and share them in his social channels on Monday, February 6."

The ad looks at Super Bowl touchdown celebrations dating back to the stone age before football was invented. Gronk can be seen in the caveman segment. Bieber is dressed in a tuxedo and wearing glasses. He is holding a football as he tells the history behind end zone dances.

The ad covers high fives, spikes, the shimmy, the shake, the shimmy, shimmy shake and more. Bieber does some of his own moves at the end of the ad. Take a look:

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