Jurassic World Trailer: The Indominus Rex is Smarter Than We Thought

Posted on April 20, 2015

The first full trailer for Jurassic World was released today and we learned lots of interesting things. The terrifying dinosaur that Bryce Dallas Howard's mad scientist character created is even smarter and more vicious that we thought.

After killing her sibling (for fun) she ripped out her tracking device because she remembered where the scientists put it. Wouldn't you sedate a T-rex hybrid (called Indominus Rex) before implanting a tracking device? How does she remember that, anyway? Did they splice in human DNA or something? She loves to kill for sport and ripped through a herd of sweet Brontosauri like a knife through butter. All those dead Brontosauri made us sad.

Chris Pratt's Owen is the only voice of reason. And best of all he is a velociraptor whisperer. How cool is that? The most shocking bit of information in this trailer is that I-Rex has somehow taught all the dinosaurs to talk to each other. Or she is just ordering them around, it's hard to tell. But it looks like she send mental orders to the pterodactyls to attack the humans and off they flew. They swoop down on the terrified guests and someone's mom gets picked up and carried away to some horrible death.

There are also lots of children in danger. Like, really, really in danger. With 20,000 people on the island and no escape we don't see how a bunch of kids don't become dinosaur lunch. Perhaps they will all have miraculous escapes. Otherwise, no one's going to allow their kids to see this movie. The film hits theaters on June 12th and we think they need to stop releasing trailers or there won't be anything new to see.

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