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Jurassic World Tops Box Office for Fourth Consecutive Weekend: Jurassic World won the box office again this weekend. It was followed by Inside Out and Terminator Genisys. (2015-07-05)

Jurassic World Tops Box Office for Third Consecutive Weekend: Jurassic World is the top film in theaters for the third straight weekend. It fended off Inside Out and Ted 2 to win the weekend. (2015-06-28)

Jurassic World Makes Over $100 Million During Second Weekend in Theaters: Jurassic World made $102 million during its second weekend in theaters. This was enough to stay ahead of Pixar's Inside Out. (2015-06-21)

Jurassic World Has Monster $204.6 Million Opening: Jurassic World had a monster $204.6 million opening. This is the second biggest domestic opening in history after Avengers. (2015-06-14)

Jurassic World Trailer: The Indominus Rex is Smarter Than We Thought: The Indominus Rex is even meaner and smarter than we thought. In the new trailer she rips out her tracking device and teaches the other dinos to communicate. (2015-04-20)

Chris Pratt Takes on Dinosaurs in First Jurassic World Trailer: Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard face dinos on the loose in first Jurassic World trailer, which features plenty of action and lots of screaming. (2014-11-25)

Jurassic Park 4 Gets June 13, 2014 Release Date: The release date of June 13, 2014 has been announced for Jurassic Park 4. It will be shot in 3D. (2013-01-12)

Michael Crichton Was an Incredible Talent: Michael Crichton brought many fascinating ideas into the public realm. (2008-11-06)