Melissa McCarthy Does SNL Monologue in Very High Heels

Posted on April 7, 2013

Melissa McCarthy hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time last night and was fabulous. The writing for some of the skits was not quite up to the stellar level of the first time she hosted, but Melissa shined in all the skits she was in. The Honey Baked Ham skit, in which Melissa plays a woman who is determined to win the local fair's ham contest, is hilarious (NBC hasn't put it online yet, likely due to song copyright issues.)

For her opening monologue she decided to wear some ridiculously high red platform heels. As she explains later, she mostly wears Crocs and perhaps should have listed to the producers when they told her to practice in the heels. She can barely walk and when a hyperactive Taran Killam comes out for a song and dance number, she's so incapacitated by her shoes that she pretty much does the routine from the floor. She is an amazing comedienne. Love her. Take a look:

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