SNL Sketch: Mother's Day Game Show Starring Charlize Theron and Kate McKinnon

Posted on May 12, 2014

Kate McKinnon plays the mom who was chosen to host the game show, Come Do A Game Show With Your Mom. It'll Be Fun. Yes It Will. The SNL sketch, just in time for Mother's Day, had the mom hosting and her kids as contestants who had to guess answers to questions their mom dreamed up.

Aidy Bryant is the neighbor who is there to help with the process. Here's a sample question: "What was the worst thing that happened to me this year?" Answer: "When we went to the movies and popcorn was $11.00."

Charlize Theron was asked to name the prize she wanted for answering a question correctly and said she wanted her mom to delete her Facebook account leading McKinnon to call it a really hash prize because, "That's my window into your world!" These kids really do know their mom. Take a look:

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