SNL Digital Short: Girl, the Biblical Epic Starring Lena Dunham and Taran Killam

Posted on March 9, 2014

Lena Dunham did a fantastic job of hosting Saturday Night Live. In this faux movie trailer for the Biblical epic Girl Lena plays Eve and Taran Killam plays Adam in the style of Adam Driver from HBO's Girls.

In this version of the story of the Garden of Eden Dunham's Eve has a lot of questions for Adam about their relationship: "I just want to know what we're even doing here," she asked Adam. "Are we like man and wife or is it this situation where there's, like, all these other girls and I'm going to find out from one of the animals?"

God tells them not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, but Eve has questions about that, too. And then the snake shows up (Vanessa Bayer as the head on a very creepy snake who sounds just like Hannah's roommate).

We all know how the story turns out. God finds out she ate the apple (well, all the apples, apparently) and she asks God to stop "apple shaming" her. It's really hilarious, as are the reviews, such as The Wall Street Journal's which says, "If this is feminism, then I'm confused." Take a look:

You can watch the video on

The video below is a behind-the-scenes video of the set for the short being constructed.

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