SNL Parodies Church of Scientology Video

Posted on April 5, 2015

Going Clear, the HBO documentary about the Church of Scientology, has some pretty shocking allegations about what goes on inside the organization. The church has been rocked by scandals as a number of its former members have spoken out about their experiences. Saturday Night Live took aim at the religion and at the documentary in this digital short about the Church of Neurotology.

In 1990 the Church of Scientology made a video called "We Stand Tall" which shows how happy its members are and which explains some of its beliefs. SNL remade that video, with much of it being a shot by shot recreation. Each person is dressed in appropriate late '80s garb. The video quality is about par for that time, as well. The video is for the Church of Neurotology and has been updated to reflect the allegations from Going Clear.

One member is now listed as "hiding as desert as woman" one is "currently covered in fruit flies." The current leader is a billionaire and has personally beaten up everyone in the video. Many have left the organization, and several are simply listed as "missing.": One left after googling what the religion was about and one left to join the Scientologists. Clearly they threw that one in to avoid lawsuits.

But everything -- from the name of the book they follow (Diametics) to the videos of their immortal founder (Bobby Moynihan) who actually died from pink eye -- tracks with Scientology. They sing with joy about their ancient faith: "A gorgeous religion, old and true, started in 1982." Take a look:

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